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Stop whatever you are doing!

You must read author Robert M. Suchris' shocking thriller Teratoids dealing with drug addition, rape, murder, aquaphobia and the anxiety to become host to some alien parasitic organism that assimilates the flesh. Suspense and chills are beautifully repulsive in this gory upcoming horror bestseller destined for the screen. It's a real creeper! Readers will find this book interesting, suspenseful, and outright terrifying. Glimpse into the immoral center of a sadistic serial killer that holds a small town in the grip of a murderous spree as slimy flesh eating monsters emerge from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to consume all they claim...


Book Preview on Back Cover:

The coastal town of Sealand, California, becomes the place where a series of gruesome murders and mysterious disappearances of its citizens harbors unimaginable secrets. The Sealand Gash Slasher, the most wanted psychotic criminal for three years, viciously disposing of young girls one by one, isn't the only monster with an appetite for the inhabitants. Laura Masterson, a nineteen-year-old heroin addict, returns home to Sealand to visit her father. Her father is a biology teacher engrossed in teratology - the study of biological monstrosities and malformations. The sudden disappearance of her father leads Laura, with the help from a juvenile street-wise runaway, to share the same suspicions that mind altering alien parasites are transforming human beings into an unstoppable army of giant flesh-rending, blood lusting night beasts dripping with slime, that emerge from the sea preying upon the local waterfront populace. There's also an unsuspecting catastrophe more terrifying waiting to engulf the town, and those who survive the outcome might wish they hadn't.

About the Author: Robert currently has four patented inventions. When he isn’t engaged in developing a new idea, he enjoys writing mystery and suspense thrillers.

Reviews: This upcoming best seller was published around August 1, 2009 and is very new. Thus far the reviews have been outstanding. Readers have commented that it is a very good read and that they could not put it down. They also commented Teratoids is written in the style of between Stephen King and Dean Koontz!

Publisher: AuthorHouse Size: 5 X8 Pages: 264 ISBN# 978-1-4490-0252-7


(Signed By the Author)

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